Our main features

Highly Versatile

Use Knock System on your kitchen, your bed, wardrobes, wherever you want.

Ideal for kids

Knock System is simple and fun, your kids will love to use it

Colors and intensity

With just a little tap turn on the lights, change the color or intensity

Interact with your furniture and your lights in a new way

Knock System is a revolutionary lighting system that aims to make people’s lives easier. It is a device that fits in the palm of one hand, it can be integrated into any wooden surface, is very easy to assemble, and is turned on by simply tapping the furniture on which it is mounted.

It can be used at the headboard of the bed, in the kitchen, inside a closet… the only limit is your imagination! With just two taps the Knock System turns on, and you can regulate the intensity and choose the ambient color you prefer with a simple gesture of the hand.

Knock System will delight adults thanks to its elegance and simplicity. No more reaching out on the bed or anywhere to find the switch, with a simple touch on any part of the surface in which it is integrated the lights will magically turn on. Just as simple is to turn it off or put it in the mode you prefer. In addition, Knock System is ideal for little children, as they can take care of their lights themselves when they go to sleep.

Knock System is very simple to assemble. It is a device that fits in the palm of your hand. It can be stuck on any surface and then you just have to connect it to the power and the LED lights that are incorporated. Ready to go!